When patients say they don’t consider medication

On the latest night even as on obligation at my sanatorium, I turned into known as to the room of a 60-year-antique male patient from Puerto Rico suffering intractable pain and vomiting. He had metastatic cancer, which he knew become at a cease degree. Yet he refused medical interventions including intubation or resuscitation. Upon wondering […]

There wishes to be a shift within the subculture of drugs

Since the implementation of the 80-hour health practitioner residency schooling workweek in 2003 with the aid of the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), the medical community has debated whether or now not this was going to impact patient care and mortality. A new observational look at the British Medical Journal validated no distinction […]

Leading Nat says medicine resources can’t be ‘guaranteed

MIKE Russell says medicine materials can’t be “guaranteed” in the event of a No Deal Brexit. The pinnacle Nat discovered corporations that had stockpiled materials within the run-up to the unique March 29 exit date had taken “huge losses” and may be unwilling to do the identical again. The Brexit Secretary additionally claimed the identical […]

Letter to the Editor: Keep get entry to lifestyles-saving medication

Thousands right here in California depend on impartial pharmacies like ours, at Gateway Pharmacy in Fairfield, for his or her life-saving medicines. But this safety net is at stake. Earlier this year, the California Department of Health Care Services followed a new methodology – permitted by former Gov. Jerry Brown’s management – to calculate Medi-Cal […]

Demand for ‘Traditional’ Asian Medicine

World Animal Protection (WAP) has launched a record documenting the heartbreaking suffering inflicted on massive cats farmed for the duration of South Africa and Asia for the traditional Asian medicinal drug enterprise. “Trading Cruelty – how captive large cat farming fuels the traditional Asian remedy industry” describes how thousands of large cats are bred and […]

WHO updates worldwide steering on drugs

WHO’s Essential Medicines List and List of Essential Diagnostics are core steerage documents that help nations prioritize crucial health products that need to be extensively available and less costly in the course of health structures. Published these days, the 2 lists consciousness on most cancers and other worldwide fitness demanding situations, with an emphasis on […]

The UK plans £3m no-deal medication transport

The Department of Health and Social Care plans to spend £3m on no-deal Brexit measures to transport medication. It wants to hire an “explicit freight provider” to move drug treatments, blood and transplant tissue. But professionals have warned that the closing date of 1 September set for the deal is a “tight” time e-frame. The […]