MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — Dozens of protesters accumulated outside a girls’ health facility in Milwaukee Monday.
The nationally-identified Christian organization, “Operation Save America”, congregated near Farwell and Ogden for most of the day.
Members had been protesting abortions outside Affiliated Medical Services. The group stated they hoped to convince ladies now not to head inside.
“Our message is that we are in opposition to infant abuse because abortion is baby abuse,” group member Ante Pavkovic stated. “It’s the ultimate form of infant abuse, and it continually ends in the death of a toddler.”
The National Abortion Federation issued the following announcement on behalf of the Milwaukee sanatorium on Monday:

Ensuring our patients are able to achieve the health care they want in addition to their and our workforce’s safety is our primary precedence. No one has to be pressured, intimidated, and shamed for looking to gain the health care they need– or even simply walking by means of a fitness care hospital. These anti-abortion people do now not constitute the overwhelming support we get hold of from our network.

We do ask that participants of our community who support us accomplish that by means of now not engaging with these anti-abortion extremists because of the long records of violence inside the anti-abortion movement. The anti-abortion human beings have already become to shoving sanatorium escorts in an try to annoy and disgrace a patient trying to depart the medical institution. We do now not want an already frightening and chaotic situation to enhance right into a violent one.
It is very crucial that our patients understand that they may be secure and that once they input our doors, they’ll receive the love, respect, and care they deserve.
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