The prevalence of high blood pressure, which is one of the maximum vital health issues these days, increases regularly. This insidious sickness is seen in a single out of three adults in Turkey. As it does not have any signs and symptoms, it is described because of the “silent killer.” If this situation isn’t taken underneath control, it may cause some different lethal issues like renal impairment, cerebral hemorrhage or coronary heart assault. When summer warmness, which may additionally harden the frame stability of usually healthful human beings, combines with excessive moisture, the alarm bells start to ring for patients with hypertension.

In summer, the frame loses salts which include sodium and potassium, which are essential, and water due to sweating and vasodilation. Then, blood pressure also decreases. Indeed, it’s miles possible to spend the summer months healthily for patients with high blood pressure with a few precautions. Acıbadem Kadıköy Hospital Cardiologist Dr. Ulaankhuu Batgerel gave the ten golden policies that must be paid interest to in a warm climate.

Eight glasses of water

The body starts to sweat with a view to save you the terrible impacts of hot weather. As dehydration in the frame increases, extreme hypotension may be seen in patients with high blood pressure with the impact of diuretics used to alter the blood pressure. As an end result of it, human beings can faint and expand some critical issues like renal disorder. Do now not forget to drink eight glasses ( liters) of water at least.

Quit smoking

Smoking reduces the performance of the anti-oxidant materials that the frame desires and disrupts the stretching capability of the vessels. Low consumption of alcohol also reduces blood stress with the impact of relaxing the vessels. However, if the amount and frequency of alcohol intake increases and smoking come with this consumption, blood stress will increase.

Risky hours outside

If it is possible, do not cross outdoor among 10 a.M. And three p.M., while sunlight reaches the earth on the steepest attitude throughout the summer season months. If you live beneath the solar all through these hours, blood stress decreases way to the astringent impact of warm at the veins and your fluid loss will increase because of sweating.

Avoid tea, espresso

Especially in summer months, you should restrain from ingesting tea and espresso because of their diuretic consequences. You can drink one-two cups of tea and one cup of espresso an afternoon.

Sports at night

Exercise is critical for cardiovascular fitness. However, physical activities have to be achieved often, at the proper time, and insufficient portions for a life-time. Especially in the summertime, those policies are very crucial. Hypertension medications with diuretic outcomes are brought to the loss of fluid within the frame resulting from sweating while exercising in a hot climate. Therefore, you need to keep away from doing sports activities among 10 p.M. And three p.M. When the solar comes upright and be aware of do your exercises within the nighttime hours and two hours after a meal.

Hot or bloodless bathe?

Coldwater shrinks and narrows the veins, resulting in expanded blood strain. If your blood pressure is under manage and you’re taking your remedy regularly, it is okay to take a shower with bloodless water. However, if you have uncontrolled blood stress, a cold shower isn’t endorsed because it will boom your blood strain values even similarly. In addition, if you are taking medicine and doing severe sports, you lose more fluid. If you do no longer get sufficient liquid and feature a hot shower, your blood stress values may additionally lower too much.

Sweat-soaking up garments

If you need to go out, pick out cotton and light garments with air permeability towards sweating. Since the toes are one of the most sweaty areas, footwear which can be appropriate for the summer season and that may get air might be the proper desire. Do not overlook to protect your head with a hat. Use creams that contain the appropriate defensive elements to your skin.

Foods with fiber, pulp

Since the summer months are also excursion months, the weight loss program of sufferers with high blood pressure may be disrupted, convenience foods and ingredients with prolonged shelf-lifestyles (salted) consumption will increase. But those ingredients have an excessive amount of salt. This causes water and sodium to be stored within the frame, ensuing in improved blood pressure. In the summer months, wheat and oat bran, fruits (sparkling, dried, boiled, cooked) and which includes foods with fiber and pulp which are easy to digest like green leafy veggies must be consumed. Instead of animal proteins, prefer vegetable proteins. It will help each blood stress manipulate and intestinal health.

Your health practitioner

In the summertime, physician controls are often disrupted due to long-time period holidays. As an end result, especially in elderly sufferers who use multiple medicines and have more than one continual sickness, facet effects can also broaden and serious decreases or will increase in blood salt ranges may additionally occur. Therefore, in case you use a couple of remedies, inclusive of diuretics, and have a blood pressure-related kidney hassle or other continual illnesses, you need to go to your physician each month.

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