ST. GEORGE — St. George Police arrested a Santa Clara female and charged her with prostitution after she allegedly agreed to perform an intercourse act on an undercover officer.

Police investigators answered to an online commercial for massages in the St. George location, reserving an appointment with 33-12 months-old Janice Trujillo, the girl whom police declare posted the advert, in line with a likely motive affidavit filed in Fifth District Court.

In courtroom files, police stated Trujillo spoke back to textual content the undercover officers despatched and agreed to offer a rubdown in change for cash.

“Janice (Trujillo) become given a specific resort to reply to with a purpose to join up and perform the massage,” the St. George police officer wrote in the affidavit. “Once at the inn, Janice turned into given the motel room. When Janice went to the room, the undercover officer supplied her with the money in exchange for the rubdown. While appearing the massage, Janice additionally agreed to perform a particular intercourse act.

“Janice was arrested and beneath Miranda, she denied having a massage license.”

Police booked Trujillo into the Washington County Jail and feature charged her with one elegance A misdemeanor matter of running a massage business without a license, and prostitution, a class B misdemeanor.

Trujillo became released from jail after posting $2,630 bail.

Last month local investigators arrested seven guys and one girl in a prostitution sting that started May 30 after responding to diverse online advertisements for offerings posted by using undercover officers posing as prostitutes seeking clients.

In December, the government arrested six guys in Southern Utah Friday and Saturday at some stage in a prostitution sting where an officer was posing as a woman escort and published “several advertisements” on-line providing sexual offerings in St. George.

This record is primarily based on statements from police or other responders and won’t incorporate the total scope of findings. Persons arrested or charged are presumed innocent until observed guilty in a court of law or as otherwise determined through a trier-of-reality.
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