A BABY boy who turned into located with a head injury has died and police have arrested a 23-year-vintage guy on suspicion of murder.

The one-12 months-old was rushed to the health center on Friday at around 6 pm following an incident at an address in Speke, Liverpool.

Paramedics referred to as police to the address and homicide research changed into released.

An autopsy exam is taking location today.

A Merseyside police spokesman stated: “We can verify that a person has been arrested on suspicion of homicide following the demise of a one-12 months-antique boy, who changed into admitted to health center from an address in Speke on Friday, 12 July.

“At 6 pm, police had been knowledgeable by the ambulance carrier of issues for a kid, who had been taken to sanatorium from an address in Belsford Way in advance in the afternoon having suffered a head injury.

“He has now regrettably surpassed away, and his family is being supported via specialist officials.

“Following inquiries, a 23-year-antique man from Winsford, Cheshire has been arrested on suspicion of homicide and taken to a police station for wondering.”

The commonplace signs and symptoms amongst adults are:

low-grade complications or neck ache that may not go away

having the extra problem than common with intellectual responsibilities (e.G., remembering, concentrating, making choices)

slowness in thinking, talking, appearing, or reading

getting misplaced or easily harassed

feeling tired all the time, missing energy or motivation

modifications in slumbering styles (dozing plenty greater or having a hard time sound asleep) *

feeling light-headed or dizzy, losing your stability

increased sensitivity to sounds, light, or distractions

blurred imaginative and prescient, eyes that tire without difficulty

loss of the feel of odor or flavor

ringing inside the ears

temper changes (e.G., feeling unhappy or irritated for no purpose)

Among kids, the signs and symptoms are:

listlessness or tiring effortlessly

irritability or crankiness

changes in consuming or napping patterns

adjustments in the manner the child plays

modifications in overall performance at faculty

lack of interest in favored toys or sports

loss of latest talents, such as bathroom training

lack of stability, unsteady walking

Brain accidents can end result from some of the specific reasons, with the main reasons being motor automobile crashes, slips, and falls, sports activities-related injuries strokes, anoxia, tumors, viral infections, degenerative illnesses, near drowning, and different conditions now not concerning external force. Approximately 1 million Americans are treated and released from sanatorium emergency rooms every 12 months because of TBI, and an estimated 5. Three million Americans are living these days with some shape of TBI-related disability.

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