DUBAI: High cholesterol levels can cause a host of annoying health troubles and Dr. Owayed Mohammad Al Shammeri of Riyadh’s Soliman Habib Hospital has taken it upon himself to elevate attention at the concern, sharing suggestions for a more healthy you and explaining extra approximately the condition.

Soaring cholesterol levels can affect the heart and even motive strokes, and the health practitioner brought that “bad LDL cholesterol, (referred to as) LDL-C, is intently related to cardiovascular event traits. In addition, hypertension is a sturdy hazard thing.”

Al-Shammeri added that excessive levels of cholesterol appear to be an in particular worrying difficulty in Saudi Arabia.

“High cholesterol has a close dating with primary unfavorable cardiovascular troubles, mainly non-fatal myocardial infarction, strokes, and even demise,” Al-Shammeri defined. The doctor also highlighted that hypertension is a “sturdy hazard component” related to the development of cardiac problems.

Dyslipidemia — the presence of ordinary degrees of fats in the blood — is also an issue that the doctor raised concerns about.

“Across the Kingdom, we’ve three times the stated fee of incidence of dyslipidemia among coronary heart patients,” he stated.

According to Al Shammeri, critical measures need to be taken to save you the prevalence of “bad LDL cholesterol” and the related fitness troubles. While patients have to get a test-up every two months, he shows an annual examination for others.

Lifestyle conduct needs to be modified, the medical doctor stated. “We are skipping exercising — in particular taking walks. Because of generation, we devour greater and sit greater. There is an excessive amount of provider convenience available at our fingertips and we are becoming complacent as a society.”

Al-Shammeri said a wholesome food regimen is another step toward preventing such fitness issues. “We need to be higher and greater green in terms of diets… a holistic approach to managing cholesterol levels is needed and should be saved in mind by means of anybody. It isn’t always just one measure or the alternative. It desires to be an aggregate of food regimen, lifestyle adjustment, and remedy.”

Three important varieties of lipoproteins are located inside the serum of a fasting character particularly, low-density lipoproteins (LDL), excessive density lipoproteins (HDL) and very-low-density lipoproteins (VLDL).

1. Low-density lipoproteins (LDL) or terrible LDL cholesterol and its management

LDL or terrible LDL cholesterol contains 60-70% of the overall serum cholesterol. It is the major atherogenic lipoprotein used within the LDL cholesterol-lowering therapy as its higher stages are dangerous. It deposits LDL cholesterol at the walls of arteries ensuing in the formation of a difficult substance known as LDL cholesterol plaque. This plaque is answerable for the hardening of arterial walls so they come to be narrow and the system is recognized as atherosclerosis. The liver no longer only manufactures and secretes LDL LDL cholesterol within the blood circulation but additionally removes it from the blood. A big variety of active receptors are present at the surface of the liver that actively binds to the LDL cholesterol molecules and put off it from the blood. A deficiency of LDL receptors is associated with a higher level of those molecules within the blood.

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