Kentucky Fried Chicken is the primary rapid food chain inside the UK to decide to better hen welfare standards.

The idea is to work with suppliers to make sure there are minimum standards throughout the industry by means of 2026.

It way the birds could have extra space, naturally mild and can perch and flap their wings.

The measures are an try to enhance conditions inside the massive-scale production of meat.

It is a notion the circulate will positioned stress on different outlets like McDonald’s and Burger King to do the same.

Supermarkets and eating places have all been entreated to commit to the European Chicken Commitment, which has been signed through animal rights agencies inclusive of the RSPCA.

“Signing as much as the European Chicken Commitment isn’t only a field-ticking workout for us, we are doing this because we absolutely accept as true with it’s the right factor to do, says Paula MacKenzie, General Manager of KFC UK and Ireland.

“Chicken is our commercial enterprise and we have an obligation as the hen emblem, to make certain we’re pushing improvement to chicken welfare requirements throughout our supply chain.

“Our customers care about improving the lives of the chicken we purchase.”

However, the chicken sold via KFC most effective represents around four% of the United Kingdom chicken market. It’s hoped different takeaway stores will comply with suit.

Although McDonald’s has now not signed the European Chicken Commitment, the business enterprise has advised Newsbeat they are doing other matters to enhance chook welfare.

“In October 2017, we introduced 8 commitments to measurably enhance hen health and welfare consequences throughout our global deliver chain with the aid of 2024.”

They consist of enhancing lights and the regions in which the chickens are stored.

KFC had been criticized in 2016 for the use of chicken that has been dealt with with antibiotics. This new pass has been met with rewards from animal welfare charities.

“This commitment will benefit the lives of tens of millions of chickens every 12 months in the course of their supply chain,” says Vicky Bond, Managing Director of The Humane League UK.

“We implore the relaxation of this area and other food companies to follow in their footsteps.”

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