Dubai: The family of a Canadian expatriate who slipped into a coma following an asthmatic assault is appealing for assist.

Jody Ann Rodriguez, fifty-six, who has been a Dubai resident for 12 years, does now not have health insurance and her circle of relatives is worried about mounting clinic bills.

Rodriguez, the wife of celebrated UAE-based totally filmmaker and conservationist Jonathan Ali Khan, became feeling breathless on the morning of June 29.

“My wife and I had been simply sitting lower back and enjoy a piece on the morning of June 29. Jody had finished some chores while she stated she became not feeling properly. She has been extended-standing asthma affected the person. She used her inhaler, however that did no longer work, so she underwent a round of nebulization as she keeps a nebulizer at home. But one spherical of nebulization did now not assist and beginning some other spherical, Jody informed me to call an ambulance as she sensed she became in deeper hassle,” Khan advised Gulf News.

The ambulance arrived later than normal after a few smartphone calls to and from the Khan house. Khan estimates that it arrived in 20 mins.

“The paramedics put on the defibrillator and realized she required CPR which they began. However, they called in a 2d, superior ambulance which arrived later and that they drove her to the closest hospital administering CPR,” he stated.

Doctors of the hospital in Dubai Investment Park in which she become taken estimate that she become delivered in as a minimum 40 mins after the CPR had all started. One of the doctors getting to her instructed Gulf News: “When the patient became added in she changed into now not breathing, her coronary heart had stopped. Her mind had been disadvantaged of oxygen for an awesome 35-40 mins.”
Grade 3 coma

Rodriguez became revived on the sanatorium ER and placed on a ventilator and lifestyle aid. On the Glasgow Scale, she has been classified to be in Grade three coma. The classification is decided based totally on eye movement, motor pastime, and other parameters.

Khan, fifty-eight, who himself has currently recovered from pulmonary edema and heart failure, is juggling among home and health facility. Rodriguez’s four children Luca, Neo, Mateo, and Ashley are inside the US. Although devastated by using this heartbreaking information, they may be unable to fly to the UAE as Khan can’t manage to pay for it. He is facing eviction from his rented home, he stated.

Both Khan and Rodriguez do not have health insurance as they’re inside the technique of a visa alternate. So far, the ten-day invoice at the health center has arisen to over Dh122,000.

The circle of relatives has released a ‘Save Jody Medical fund’ on a crowdfunding internet site via Kimmy Ali Khan’s Facebook web page. Kimmy is Jonathan Ali Khan’s sister.

Friends wrote messages on the group investment web page, recalling Rodriguez as a compassionate individual, a cat lover who cared for 10 cats at home and a terrific mother. The network of friends is praying for her revival.

In the meanwhile, Khan keeps playing Rodriguez audio tapes of the voices of their four children inside the hopes it’ll assist. But without a motor or brain hobby, he fears the worst. He delivered that the hospital has decided to convene a panel of three experts to assess whether the situation Rodriguez is in became reversible, and as soon as the assessment is complete most effective then the family will know what lies in advance.
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