IT’S one of the worst hay fever seasons we’ve visible in decades… However, a runny nostril and itchy eyes can be the least of your issues.

A steady, chesty cough together with wheezing may be a signal of lethal seasonal allergies and the “very high” pollen counts we’ve got seen over the last week may be guilty.

Seasonal bronchial asthma refers to people who most effective experience allergies signs and symptoms at sure instances of the year.

The condition is no special from normal bronchial asthma – the signs are nonetheless the same and it’s probably lethal if now not handled well.

You may additionally enjoy the tightness of the chest, wheezing, shortness of breath, problem slumbering due to the fact you can’t breathe and, you guessed it, constant coughing.

It can be clean to push aside those symptoms as hay fever, however, if you are taking antihistamines and that they do not appear to be working you must see a GP to be on the safe facet.

If seasonal bronchial asthma is left untreated it is able to trigger a potentially deadly asthma assault – when the muscular tissues in the airlines constrict and reduce off your respiratory.
Double whammy

Sonia Munde of Asthma UK formerly advised The Sun Online: “Asthma is a protracted-time period condition, however some human beings have ‘seasonal allergies’.

“This is whilst their signs are handiest precipitated by means of things which can be only round at positive times of the year, consisting of pollen.

“As pollen stages are sky-high in the meantime, folks that discover pollen triggers their asthma – such as those with seasonal bronchial asthma – can be suffering at the moment.

“An expected 3. Three million human beings inside the UK who have asthma say their pollen hypersensitive reaction triggers their bronchial asthma so that they face a double whammy of signs and symptoms.

“As nicely as having to deal with conventional hay fever symptoms which include itchy eyes, sneezing and a blocked or runny nose, they’re additionally susceptible to a lifestyles-threatening asthma attack.”
Hot air

Experts say inhaling hot air can reason the airlines to slim, main to coughing and shortness of breath.

The hot climate also can increase the number of pollutants and mildew within the air, which may reason allergies signs to flare up.

Dr. Andy Whittamore, Clinical Lead for Asthma UK and a practicing GP, said: “Humid air ought to spell misery for humans with asthma and even cause a potentially life-threatening bronchial asthma attack.

“It can trap pollutants and allergens like pollen, mold, dust, and smoke inside the air, which then reason asthma symptoms which include coughing, wheezing and a good chest.

“If you’ve got asthma and are already noticing more allergies signs together with coughing, a tight chest or breathlessness, make certain you maintain your blue reliever inhaler with you always.

“Take hay fever medicines to assist prevent the hypersensitivity, use your preventer inhaler (commonly brown) as prescribed to reduce the irritation in your airways.”
Saharan warmness bubble

It comes after Brits basked in the Saharan Bubble heatwave last week – with temperatures peaking at 35C.

But sizzling weather accompanied by using rain has created the perfect typhoon of pollen – with experts caution it is able to prove lethal.

More than six million Brits are plagued by itchy eyes, a regular runny nose, complications, and worrying sneezes each summertime.

And for half of them, lethal asthma attacks are an actual chance – prompted by using pollen.

Grass pollen is presently at its height inside the UK, with extra than half of the united states anticipated to be hit through the best pollen rating viable on Sunday.

The lengthy iciness and recent rain observed by warmer weather is the “worst-case situation” for sufferers, making pollen extra widespread, specialists have warned.
Hay fever cough

If you’ve been plagued with a cough recently – that might be why.

Allergens set off a series reaction when they get into your machine, and a hay fever cough is resulting from a postnasal drip.

That drip happens when pollen irritates the liner of your nostrils – triggering your nasal passages to supply mucus.

Mucus is more watery whilst you’re not actually unwell, and that water then trickles down the throat – causing you to try and cough it out.

So in case you’re exterior pretty a piece, you might discover that you’re coping with a tickly cough.

And it could worsen at night time.

During the day, you’re status up in order that the water is walking downwards. At night time, but, you are mendacity on your returned and the mucus is caught pooled on your throat.

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